tokidoki Cosmo: Signature Logo Cap

  • $39.90

Shoot for the stars with tokidoki's Cosmo Collection! Featuring holographic rainbow, glitter and all things shiny, there’s bound to be something that can make you shine!

- Embroidered holographic logo on front
- tokidoki engraved metal buckle closure
- tokidoki glitter logo embroidered on the back
- tokidoki brand ribbon details on interior
- Made of 100% Cotton
- One size fits most
- Adjustable (circumference bewtween 53cm to 65cm)

*Care Instructions*
Stay clear of rough, uneven surfaces or sharp objects and avoid friction to avoid scuffs on logo.

*Size Guide*
One size fits most. Adjustable (circumference bewtween 53cm to 65cm).
The information is provided solely as guideline for sizing purposes. Variations between 0.5 to 1.5 inches on the dimensions listed here are to be reasonably expected and are acceptable within manufacturer guidelines.